Foreign patients

Our department is a referral centre for paediatric liver diseases and malignant tumours (Liver tumours, Rhabdomyosarcomas, neuroblastomas), we use to admit patients from other european or extra european countries

For  physicians willing to send patients from foreign countries: 

If you want our team to properly  adress your case :please send an email to the doctor you want to contact as well as his/her assistant


postal adress:

Dr/Pr Firstname FAMILYNAME

Service de chirurgie Pédiatrique

Hôpital Bicêtre

78 rue du Général Leclerc

94270 Le Kremlin-Bicêtre


Once we recieve all documents needed we will let you know about our decision (the case will be discussed at our MDT meeting .This is why, if the records are complete, It takes one or two weeks to reply.

If you agree with our decision we will send to you an estimation of costs, and if your health insurance approves , we wil send to you an agenda for the venue.

Any missing documents or imaging could delay the process.

Make sure if the parents come , they can come with a translator , unless they speak a good english or french.

There is a parent's house if they want to settle or rest during their journey at Bicêtre.